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terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Canadá Bibliotecas Escolares 2011

Relatório publicado agora (Maio 2011) pela People for Education (Ontario), organização não governamental que trabalha com as famílias em defesa da qualidade na escola pública, dá conta de retrocessos nas bibliotecas escolares canadianas e alerta para consequências negativas caso não haja políticas diferentes.

School libraries are a doorway for children and youth to learn about the world.  By design, they are sites for students to explore and develop their own interests, and to foster a love of  reading, along with their inquiry and research skills.  And as the digital world puts more and more information at students’ finger tips, the library can open the door to learning beyond the walls of the school. [...]

All students and teachers should have the capacity to find, evaluate, organize and transform information in the digital universe.

People for Education recommends
••• that the province support a leadership role for teacher-librarians, who can work with classroom teachers to develop feasible information literacy programs for all students and
••• that the province ensure that all teachers receive appropriate information and technology education in faculties of education and through ongoing professional development.

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