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segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011

Biblioteca escolar, pensamento inovador e pessoal a tempo inteiro - o que diz a investigação

Resultados de investigação realizada desde há anos sobre sucesso nas aprendizagens e bibliotecas escolares valorizam o professor bibliotecário/bibliotecário escolar a tempo inteiro. Mas a algumas almas tal pouco importa, o preconceito tem mais força que a argumentação científica, e calha mesmo bem às poupanças imediatas....
The third Colorado study has been completed, published at the end of 2010. The original Colorado study was conducted in 1993 and the second in 2000. This latest study reconfirms the results of the previous two as evidenced in its title: School Librarians Continue to Help Students Achieve Standards: The Third Colorado Study (2010) [...]
The findings are consistent with both the previous Colorado studies and also the many other studies that have been conducted internationally over the past 10 years.

The Results
Schools with at least one full time qualified librarian averaged better performance (in reading) than in schools with less than one FTE qualified librarian. Further, the findings show that in schools with full time librarians 4 % more students achieved higher results at the top end of the scoring and significantly, 3 % fewer students fell below the unsatisfactory mark.

Other results include similar impacts on measured reading achievement based on library expenditure (above or below the median per student), number of visits per child to the library (above or below the median of .42 visits per student per week), size of periodical and video collections.
For the full report visit the Library Research Service
NB: for this report Librarian was defined as “ an individual employed by a school as a librarian AND endorsed by the Department of Education as: Teacher Librarian or School Librarian or Media Specialist”


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