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domingo, 15 de setembro de 2013

The Best Resources Documenting The Effectiveness of Free Voluntary Reading | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

Ler por querer, e por prazer - como consegui-lo de todos os alunos?
Dicas de um dos meus recursos preferidos, que tem bibliografia selecionada e tudo, embora seja provocatório: Stephen Krashen 81 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading 
GUIDELINES for SSR (Sustained Silent Reading):
The following suggestions are based on the generalizations presented above as well as on the suggestions of teachers. 
1. Do a little each day, not a lot once a week (distributed, not massed) *
2. Less is more; do less than you think they can handle; if you think they can sit and read for 15 minutes, do ten minutes.*
3. Make sure plenty of books and other reading material are available.
4. Comic books are ok.
5. Magazines are ok.
6. Graded readers, books written for language students, are ok.
7. Let students select their own reading material (SY Lee 2007)
8. Impose minimum censorship on what is read* (for discussion, see Trelease, 2004)
9. It is ok for readers to read “easy” books (below their “level”) (Krashen, 2005b).
10. It is ok for readers to read “hard” (books above their “level”) (Krashen, 2005b).
11. Students don’t have to finish every book they start to read.*
12. Sustained silent reading is not for beginners. Beginners need other kinds of comprehensible text.  It also will not help advanced readers who have already established a reading habit (Krashen, 2001a).
13. Supplement SSR with activities that serve to make reading more comprehensible and interesting (e.g. read alouds, trips to the library, discussion of literature). 
14. Don’t use rewards for reading, don’t test students on what is read, do not require book reports. Use zero or minimum accountability. When the conditions are right (compelling reading material available, and enough reading competence) direct encouragement can work. 
15. How about some food and drink? Let’s trying eating and reading in the school library.* (Trelease and Krashen, 1996)
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The Best Resources Documenting The Effectiveness of Free Voluntary Reading | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…:

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Que saudades do Eduardo Prado Coelho e da sua lucidez. Esta apresentação, do Filipe Leal (BM Oeiras), é muito estimulante. A seleção de afirmações de diversos autores faz-nos refletir, mesmo se, como eum não pudemos assistir ao vivo.