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segunda-feira, 26 de agosto de 2013

Professional Self Regulation | Ontario College of Teachers

In 1997, the Ontario government passed legislation to enable the teaching profession to regulate itself.
The teaching profession, through its College,
  • sets the requirements for entering teaching
 To teach in Ontario’s publicly funded schools, a teacher must be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. Certified teachers pay an annual membership fee to maintain their membership and certification.
  • certifies qualified teachers
 To be certified, teachers must:
  • have completed a minimum three-year postsecondary degree from an acceptable postsecondary institution
  • have successfully completed a one-year acceptable teacher education program
  • apply to the College for certification and pay the annual membership and registration fees. Application process includes providing proof of identity and a Canadian Criminal Record Check Report.
  • develops and maintains ethical standards and standards of practice
  • accredits teacher education programs and courses to ensure consistent high quality in the preparation of teachers
  • disciplines those who breach provincial standards for conduct in teaching
Accountable to the public 
An important element of self-regulation for the teaching profession, and any other profession, is public accountability. The College operates in an open and accountable manner. We communicate with the public about what we do and how our work supports public education.
College activities are transparent to the public and information is easily accessible.

Professional Self Regulation | Ontario College of Teachers

10 Recursos Digitais para Melhorar cada Biblioteca Escolar

10 Digital Resources That Will Improve Your School Library | Fluency21 – Committed Sardine Blog
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Uma bibliotecária (escolar) planetária: 13 anos no Oregon, 1 em Hong Kong

Ela é The Styling Librarian, e diz:
My personal mission is to explore these curation tools over the next month: 

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domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

The Step-By-Step iPad Workflow For Teachers - Edudemic - Edudemic

The Step-By-Step iPad Workflow For Teachers - Edudemic - Edudemic
  • Set up student Gmail
  • Students create and share a folder with the teacher in Google Drive
  • Teacher creates a class folder with subfolders
  • Teacher creates a shared folder to share documents with students
  • Teachers distribute and collect assignments via the shared folders.
  • Grading can be done using Insert-> Comments, or by adding notes to the heade

Can Google Glass Take Learning To Another Level? | MindShift

Can Google Glass Take Learning To Another Level? | MindShift

Avaliar professores para melhorar (e mesmo só para isso!)

E agora um discurso completamente sensato porém não habitual: avaliar para melhorar, avaliar-se para corrigir... Autoscopia com video-gravações e análise do que se fez durante as aulas...
Não confundir com mecanismos geradores de burorcarias e burrocracias... disfarçados de procedimenos de avaliação!