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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

2.0: mudar as atitudes, os modos de pensar e de NOS pensarmos

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The project outlined in the current article has provided some interesting insights into the skills, knowledge, and attributes needed by the Australian LIS professional in the Web 2.0 (and beyond) world. The study has highlighted that librarian 2.0 is less to do with technology and more about quality transferable skills and interpersonal abilities. Of greater note is the study’s finding which suggests that librarian 2.0 is more about changing attitudes and ways of thinking than anything else.
The real power of web 2.0 is not how it is changing the way LIS professionals design and delivery services and resources, or the new skill and knowledge that these professionals are now being required to possess, but how it is changing the ways in which the Australian LIS professional conceive of themselves.
This study suggests Web 2.0 is the catalyst for a significant attitudinal shift in the Australian LIS profession. The challenge the profession now faces is trying to clearly articulate the nature and scope of this new professional attitude. The LIS profession in Australia must take stock not of “what we know and can do” but on “who we are becoming.”
[...] an obvious first step forward would involve undertaking further research
that explores the existing cultures and attitudes within the profession and what is means to “become an LIS professional” in the twenty-first century.

Partridge, H. (2011). Librarian 2.0 : It's all in the attitude!

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