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quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2015

É super, e dança: a biblioteca escolar

Mês Internacional das Bibliotecas Escolares - Outubro de 2015

The school library rocks
living it, learning it, loving it!

A biblioteca escolar é super
vivendo-a, aprendendo-s, adorando-a!


  • A biblioteca escolar como um espaço e um lugar: encontro, partilha, debate. Aprendizagem colaborativa e crescimento
  • The school library as a space and place: meeting, sharing, discussing. Collaborative learning and growing.

  • A biblioteca escolar como um ambiente de aprendizagem: acesso 24/7 a materias, recursos, professores, ambiente e aprendizagem eletrónica e mais.
  • The school library as learning environment: 24/7 access to materials, resources, teachers, electronic learning environment and more.

  • A biblioteca escolar como um laboratório: experiência e descoberta em ciência, artes e educação para os media
  • The school library as laboratory: experience and discovery in science, arts and mediaeducation

  • A biblioteca escolar como uma janela para o mundo: leitura, escrita e comunicação.
  • The school library as a window to the world: reading, writing and communication
International School Library Month Press Release 2015

International School Library Month is fast approaching and may be celebrated for the whole month of October or for any time span within that month that suits a school or library. The theme this year is: The school library rocks.
International projects that are underway for 2015 are the ISLM Bookmark Project where schools exchange bookmarks and make contact with children in other countries and theISLM Skype Project. Many school libraries will choose to have local or national celebrations, promoting the value libraries bring to the lives of children through reading, information literacy, transmission of cultural heritage and engagement with the community.
Ideas for how school libraries have celebrated internationally last year may be found on the IASL website on the ISLM 2014 Projects page. Reports came in from Croatia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain and Ukraine. It would be great to see even more countries reporting on their celebrations in 2015. Please send ISLM reports to the IASL Secretariat by 15 November, 2015.
IASL is very grateful to our ISLM Coordinator, Marie O’Brien, for all her work in facilitating the projects and celebrations and we wish all school libraries a wonderful time of celebration in October.

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