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segunda-feira, 30 de setembro de 2013

Como usam as bibliotecas os Guias/LibGuides?

Imagem de um Guia de uma Biblioteca no Illinois (Primary Source Village. Tutorial)

Um livro a recomendar a uma biblioteca especializada sobre bibliotecas (Onde está ela? Talvez na BAD...):

Primary Research Group has published Library Use of LibGuides, ISBN 978-157440-257-5
The study explores how many LibGuides libraries are making, the rate of growth in Lib Guide creation, and how extensively LibGuides are used.  The report also covers the estimated time it takes to create a LibGuide and its impact on library productivity.  The study furnishes insights on the number of librarians in an organization who use LibGuides, the support that they receive, and the marketing of LibGuides to faculty and students, among many other issues.  The study also points out the most admired LibGuides, the most used, and gives hard data on the number of LibGuides from institutions other than their own that libraries are using.  The study helps its readers to answer questions such as: how many libraries are using LibGuides as their library website? What are library plans for LibGuides in the future? Have libraries considered alternatives to LibGuides? How satisfied are libraries with LibGuides? What kinds of LibGuides are libraries developing and how are they encour!
 aging students and faculty to use them?
Just a few of the study’s main findings are that:
•       The growth rate over the past year in the stock of LibGuides for the private colleges in the sample was an astounding 63%.
•       College libraries with a budget in excess of $3 million maintained a mean of 109 LibGuides.
•       42.11% of the libraries sampled have one or more individuals whose primary job it is to create LibGuides or other kinds of research guides.
•       Only 3.51% of the libraries sampled have measured or studied how much staff time it takes to develop a typical LibGuide.
•       31.58% of the libraries offer courses, seminars, or otherwise provide formal training in use of LibGuides to library staff.
 For further information view our website at

Um cheirinho da informação disponível, resultado do estudo que envolveu dezenas e dezenas de entidades:
Table 2.8 What are your library's top three LibGuides in terms of total user sessions?
1. Citation styles, copyright & plagiarism, Hot Paper Topics.
2. Business Databases A to Z, Subject Guides (landing page), List of IGOs.
3. Library Databases, Library Hours, EH300 - Business Writing.
4. Downloadables, Databases by Subject, Summer Reading.
5. Civil Service Exams & Test Preparation, Just Listen to Yourself 2013, Digital Literacy.
6. Book Clubs, Movies, Summer Reading Program 2013.
7. Biology, agriculture, business.
8. eBooks – Home, Course Resources: Fall, Year 1, eBooks - Complete List.
9. Emery A. Gunnin Architecture Library, Psychology, Interlibrary Loan.
10. Pharmacy, Education, Marketing & Advertising.
11. Finding a Library Job, Goldstein for Distance Learners, and Information Technology Resources.
12. Citation Guide, Find Articles, Find Books & More.
13. Library Tutorial, Public Speaking, Literary Criticism.
14. Quick Reference Guide: MLA Citation, FRACKING, APA Style Guide.
15. Intro to Business resources, Writing Seminar, entrepreneurship.
16. English and History.
17. Citation, English, Business.
18. Incoming Students' Guide to the YU Libraries; Ancient Jewish History; Footnotes, Bibliographies.
19. Reading Apprenticeship, ESL, Library "HelpZone."
20. Library Services, English Composition, Nursing.
21. EBSCOhost; Citing Sources; Researching & Report Writing.
22. Writing 121 (Composition I), Nursing, Writing 122 (Composition II).
23. Nursing, Psychology, Education.
24. Law, International Law & Medicine.
25. iLL, main menu, nursing.
26. Nursing, Evaluating Websites, and First Year English Research Guide.
27. Article databases, Welcome to the Research Guides, eBooks and audiobooks.
28. Human Library, Job Search Strategies, Communication.
29. Database List, Databases by Subject, Databases by Type.
30. American History I, American History II, Speech Resources.
31. Databases by Subject.
32. MLA Citations, Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War, The Research Process.
33. Working Inside the Box: LibGuide Tips for Librarians; Archives and Special Collections; Public Health.
34. History, Psychology, College Outcomes & Assessment.
35. (excluding our web site which is based on a LibGuide) Databases, Halloween, Critical Thinking.
36. Expressive Therapy, Art History, Education.
37. Library Home, OTA, Med_Prof.
38. Beginning research, business info, and strategies for success
39. Products Liability, Warrantless Searches in FL, Fl Condominium Law.
40. Archaeology, Printmaking, Bookbinding.
41. Nursing, Baking & Pastry Arts, Spanish 121.
42. Reading Room ebooks, business.
43. Affordable Care Act.
44. Job & Career Resources; Summer Reading Clubs; Community Resources for Those in Need
Exemplos de Guias de Bibliotecas Escolares (K-12 libraries):

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