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quinta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2013

Mais à frente, a educação

“We’re probably at the death of education, right now,” said Stephen Heppell, a Professor at Bournemouth University, who’s regarded as one of the most influential academics in educational technology. “I think the structures and strictures of school, learning from 9 until 3, working on your own…not working with others…I think that’s dead or dying. And I think that learning is just beginning.”
So…how is technology changing the process of learning, exactly? “There’s a very big difference between ‘access to information’, and ‘school’,” said Seth Godin, entrepreneur, author and public figure. “They used to be the same thing. Information is there online, to any one of the billion people who has access to the Internet. So what that means, is if we give access to a 4-year-old, or an 8-year-old or a 12-year-old, they will get the information if they want it.” Daqui
E ainda 
(Voltar às raízes) Saber ensinar a aprender a pensar, semear a inquietação da paixão da descoberta, do conhecimento, da criação. Encontrar e estimar professores que olhem para os alunos, para as pessoas, se interessem por eles, por elas (minuto 19:26 e seguintes).

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