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terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013

Parlor: para explorar depois deste Verão

So what is Parlor?
"Parlor is a browser add-on that sits in your browser and measures reading activity on a limited set of sites defined in a Class Reading List. Parlor also allows you to flag (i.e. highlight), tag and share excerpts from anywhere on the web to a Class Feed where you can also see a dashboard of your personal reading activity as compared to the class as a whole. The Feed is also where you can view Topic, Sentiment and Theme Clouds that show the topics students are reading about (e.g. State of the Union, Transit in New Delhi, Baseball Trades) what they think of them (e.g. skeptical, confused, in awe) and the course concepts they're relating to, which you define."

Asking students to reflect on readings at both an emotional and cognitive level, is one way of providing learners with that much needed learning ownership. 
By applying for a pilot run, you can see whether Parlor would be suitable for your teaching context.

Obrigada, Ana Cristina Pratas (via E-Learning Gurus-Portugal, no Facebook)

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