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sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

Dia Mundial do Livro e Literacia Digital

From their inception, libraries of all kinds have had the development, promotion, and advancement of literacy at the core of their mission. [...]

Target outcomes for the taskforce could include but are not limited to:

Information sharing and cross-pollination across library types to establish a profession-wide approach to supporting digitally literate communities that will result in:

A report (or series of brief reports) outlining libraries’ vision and approaches to digital literacy, including case studies and a view to the future.

A model (or multiple models on specific topics) toolkit that would include resources for practitioners to develop digital literacy programs for use in their individual libraries.

A national convening of experts representing a variety of disciplines (e.g., LIS, education, technology) to help determine ALA strategy for anticipating and meeting the next phase of literacy so that ALA can develop a sustainable response. and OITP Staff.

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