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sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2009

Será que a rainha da branca de neve está no facebook?

A tecnologia fornece-nos espelhos, não transforma a realidade.
Her research also seems to support Ms. boyd’s contention that social media “mirrors and magnifies” our social divisions, rather than removes them. “We can use technology as a tool to connect with people, but we can’t assume that it will eliminate all of the serious issues we have to face in this country,” Ms. boyd said at PDF. “Pervasive social stratification is being reified in a new era. If we don’t address this head-on, inequality will develop deeper roots that will further cement divisions in our lives.
Does Social Networking Breed Social Division? - Gadgetwise Blog -
Studies suggest that users of Facebook and MySpace are breaking down along class and racial lines.

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