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domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

Information Literacy: Progress, Trends and Challenges / ed. L. Freeman (2018)

 Information Literacy: Progress, Trends and Challenges
The overall findings suggest that digital natives were not necessarily information literate, and that information literacy should be systematically promoted through hands-on activities. This book aims to stress the importance of information literacy in elementary education, discuss the scope of learning content that should be implemented within the curriculum, and to describe how the critical attitudes of the conscious media user can be shaped from an early age. The authors describe information literacy purposes and relationships in organizations within the context of the selected theories, and how they theoretically and practically connect. (do resumo)
Contributo de 3 autores portugueses, bibliotecários experientes no Ensino Superior:

Chapter 1. Education and Psychology Trends: Impact on Information Literacy (pp. 1-30) (Tatiana Sanches, Carlos Lopes and Maria da Luz Antunes) 
Chapter 2. Open Science Challenges for Information Literacy (pp. 31-60) (Carlos Lopes, Maria da Luz Antunes and Tatiana Sanches) 
Chapter 3. Information Literacy in Higher Education: Effects of Study Courses, Teaching Methods, Scientific Literacy and the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (pp. 61-90) (Bojana Boh Podgornik, Danica Dolnièar, Tomaž Bartol and Andrej Šorgo) 
Chapter 4. Information Literacy in the Perspective of Early School Education (pp. 91-112) (Irena Pulak) 
Chapter 5. Information Literacy and Organizational Theory (pp. 113-132) (Emmett Lombard and Vishal Arghode) 

O preço é que é puxadito...

Information Literacy: Progress, Trends and Challenges

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