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domingo, 8 de maio de 2016

« I’m in Germany ! »

im in germany

my name is 2

Thanks to the Ideas Box deployed in Eleonas camp in Greece, Ali learned began learning French.

The Ideas Box provides access to a wide variety of resources carefully selected by our team based on the needs of diverse cultural and linguistic areas and populations of each implementation zone. Its four content modules allow beneficiaires to connect, learn, play and create. Each Ideas Box is equipped with:
  • 15 touch-pads and 4 laptops with satellite Internet connection;
  • 50 e-readers, 5000 e-books and 250 paper books;
  • MOOCs and stand alone Internet contents (Wikipedia, Khan Academy...);
  • An in-built TV set, a retractable projection screen and 100 films;
  • Board & video games, and other recreational activities;
  • 5 HD cameras for participatory journalism and film-making;
  • 3 GPS devices for participatory mapping 
  • Arts & crafts materials and more!

« I’m in Germany ! »

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