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quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2015

Dislexia e dificuldades de leitura - detetar cedo é fundamental!

Prof. Hale, at the University of Calgary, said most schools aren’t catching on to kids with issues fast enough. He’d like to see all teachers become “brain literate,” educated in changing brain functioning in all children. Yet, very few teachers know anything about the brain.
Prof. Hale spearheads the university’s Centre for Brain Literacy, a global effort to try and get teachers and psychologists to understand and recognize the various patterns they see in children. It’s more than just the identification of a reading disability “but what the causes of the reading disability are,” he said.
Prof. Hale said it was a big mistake in early understanding of learning disabilities to wait and see if kids caught up.
“We’re not evaluating kids, especially in Canada, often until third, fourth, fifth grade,” he said, adding that’s too long and allows the brain to develop bad habits.

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