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quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2015

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Project Information Literacy’s Research Summary Lifelong Learning Study Phase Two: Trends from the Online Survey (2015)
Abstract: A trends report with preliminary findings from the lifelong learning survey Project Information Literacy administered to recent college graduates from 10 US colleges and universities during October 2014 through December 2014. Survey data was collected from college graduates (n=1,651) about their lifelong learning needs and information practices for their personal development, engagement in local communities, and for staying employable and competitive in the workplace. majority of grads had a diffuse set of complex learning needs, which often overlapped. Grads relied on a mixed variety of information sources in their lives for staying informed, including search engines, books, blogs, social networks, co-workers, and friends. About half of the respondents credited college with helping them develop their competencies for extracting the information needed and evaluating the credibility of content. The survey results are revealing about the information competencies a majority of students may develop and master during their college years. Still, lifelong learning was not necessarily easier for grads: Many "strongly agreed" with the statement that finding time as well as locating affordable sources for learning after college was challenging.
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