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domingo, 29 de março de 2015

Information literacy in competency-based education (academic context)

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Especially in competency based education then, we have begun to articulate the value of information literacy for students. Building information literacy into the assessment rubrics for Flex shows the value of information in the curriculum and, therefore, the direct value of information to the student.
As we reflect on the one-year anniversary of the Flex option, we have new goals for further integrating information literacy into the fabric of the program and a continuing dialogue with faculty on the role information literacy is playing in student success. In order to continue moving forward with our embedded model,
we have added an instructional design librarian to our team to work with our subject specialists as we develop additional online, self-paced learning tools.

New tutorials, such as our evidence-based practice tutorial are designed with self-directed learning in mind. They emphasize a path from basic understanding of the concepts and skills to a more specialized strategies and applications.

Information literacy in competency-based education

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