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sexta-feira, 7 de junho de 2013

Tecnologia e escola : a acção dinâmica do profissional da biblioteca escolar

O que ajuda (enablers) e o que atrapalha (barriers) a acção dinâmica do profissional da biblioteca escolar relativamente à tecnologia:

The most frequently occurring enablers facilitating school librarians’technology integration leadership are a supportive principal, opportunities for a leadership role and responsibilities, the desire to make a difference for students and teachers, professional development opportunities, and a sense of obligation to get involved. While the barriers identified most frequently as constraining technology integration leadership are time, exclusion from a leadership role and responsibilities, lack of funding, and inadequate staffing. Many enablers unique to school librarians emerged, such as support from professional organizations, support from district library administrators, serving in a dual role as school librarian and technology specialist, and technology expertise. While barriers identified by school librarians that differ from those identified by teacher leaders include competitive relationships with instructional technologists, lack of support at the district level from a library administrator, and lack of technology expertise.

De um estudo publicado em 2012, aqui

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