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terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

3 Hottest Trends in Education Reform

Education news from NY (USA)
"In light of this challenge – to prove that innovations in education are actually effective – here are the areas and products within education that live up to their “game-changing” hype:

1) Adaptive Learning: Imagine a GPS for education where content and instruction is adapted to your learning style and needs. This algorithm-intensive system provides invaluable student data to teachers (a la Anderson’s recommendation), in addition to customized student learning opportunities outside the classroom. Two outstanding examples include Jose Ferreira’s Knewton, and McGraw-Hill’s Digital Products Group under the leadership of the talented Jay Chakrapati, who offers multiple products to learners and teachers across the K-12 and university spectrum. According to a new McGraw-Hill report, college students using their AL technology increased their course performance by one letter grade and increased their pass rates by 12.5%.

2) Online Learning: Online learning is not new, but finding a legitimate, quality-assured program is difficult. Enter 2tor, Inc, an online learning platform harnessing the internet, social media, cloud computing, and mobile technology to offer students a new level of online learning that eschews the sketchy model of virtual degrees for a full educational experience akin to studying on-campus. It works with top-ranked universities, pioneering its first model with USC and then with UNC’s top ranked MBA program. The beauty of 2tor is that it improves how students learn online while helping the university do what it does best: create and share knowledge.

3) Continuous Learning: The emergence of Khan Academy, Skillshare, and General Assembly offer informal learners the chance to hone and refine skills in core areas like finance, entrepreneurship, and computer programming without having to “go back to school.” The current challenge is how to balance the democratization of teaching with accreditation so that learners who put the time and effort to enroll in classes like General Assembly’s 3-week intensive Web Development course demonstrate added value to employers. Given startup solutions like LearningJar or GA’s recent partnership with LaGuardia Community College, it won’t be long until new models of continuous education programs become major players in career advancement and the post-secondary scene."

24x7 Digital Learning - Blog View - 3 Hottest Trends in Education Reform

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