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sábado, 18 de junho de 2011

School vs Working Place: literacy skills what for?

This study has shown that work placement for Year 10 students in one Scottish school proved to be a valuable learning experience by expanding the students' knowledge of how workplaces functioned, and in particular, how workplace information environments differed from that of the school. Future research in this area could replicate this study in a number of schools, particularly in countries such as the UK and Australia that have extensive work experience programmes. Possible implications for the library and information sector are that teacher librarians might focus more on developing students' ability to create effective search strategies. Teacher librarians might also be influential in advising guidance teachers of the benefits to students that would arise if students were asked to focus more on the workplace information environment while on work experience. Finally, this study may imply that a greater recognition of the importance of students transferring information literacy practices is needed in schools.

(acedido via Jorge Borges, no Facebook)

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